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The idea of establishing a Model Printmaking Workshop under the aegis of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts was initiated on the one hand by the need to practice the fine art of contemporary printmaking within a suitably equipped space and on the other hand by the aspiration to promote printmaking as a form of art in Cyprus.


The Model Printmaking Workshop of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts was established in 1996 as a result of the collective efforts of the CCFA, printmakers within the CCFA and other visual artists.

The workshop is located in the area of Pallouriotissa, Nicosia, and provides the necessary infrastructure and suitable conditions for the production of printmaking. At the same time, it serves as a nucleus for several other collaborations, events and exhibitions that pertain to the fine art of printmaking.

Since its inception, the Model Printmaking Workshop–CCFA has hosted a significant number of notable events. Several organized workshops, speeches, lectures and exhibitions have taken place, aiming to arouse the interest of the artistic public in original engraving artwork and its aesthetic value. The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture have acted as vital supporters of Cypriot Printmakers from the very beginning.

In December 2010, the members of the Cypriot Printmakers group went on to found a non-for-profit limited liability company called “Cypriot Printmakers”. The company aims at the development and growth of printmaking in Cyprus and at promoting the art of printmaking as being on a par with all other media of artistic expression. Additionally, the company intends to create a professional estate with modern equipment and to launch contemporary actions on printmaking that will encourage collaboration with various cultural organizations in Cyprus and abroad.

Within this framework, several events have taken place with many more in the making, i.e. cultural exchanges, lectures and exhibitions that will have the members of “Cypriot Printmakers” as participants. In 2014 an agreement was signed between “Cypriot Printmakers” and the University of Cyprus, which provides for the collaboration between the two organizations towards promoting and co-organizing events, exhibitions, workshops and lectures related to the fine art of printmaking.

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