Spyros Agathou was born in 1976 in Nicosia. He is originally from Larnaka where he lives and works.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts “Pietro Vannucci” Perugia, Italy, where he attended a four - year programme in Painting. He graduated with honours and distinction.  In 2003 he attended the Postgraduate degree in Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art, at the University Complutense, Madrid, Spain.

In 2002 he was awarded with distinction at the contest of Engraving “3rd Premio Giovanni Biella per l’incisione 2002” in Italy. In 2010, his engraving work was honourably mentioned at the competition “Telemachos Kanthos”. In 2014 he received the second prize in Engraving in the same competition.

In October 2007 he presented his first solo exhibition entitled “MIMNISKO” at the Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaka and in October 2016 his second solo exhibition entitled “MIMNISKO II” at the same Gallery. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.



Annie Erotocritou has graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts, having attended painting workshops with Demetris Mytaras and Panayiotis Tetsis.

She has set up one of the first art workshops for children in Limassol, through which she has organized creative workshops, conferences and exhibitions on child art. She has also participated in events in Cyprus and Italy.

In 2004, Erotocritou attended printmaking workshops in Urbino, Italy. She has also participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece, and in printmaking exhibitions in Norway, Italy and Greece. She was invited to work in plein-airs organized in Cyprus; also in the Cavafeia, in Alexandria, Egypt, through the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts.

In 2016 she presented her first solo exhibition at “Morfi” gallery, Limassol, showing printmaking art pieces and ceramic installations. She lives in Limassol.



Savella Michael studied Painting at the Aristotle University’s Department of Visual and Applied Arts (1992-1997). She has taken part in open workshops in Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Palestine and Cyprus.

From 1999 to the present day, she has shown her visual art work in four solo exhibitions in Cyprus. She has also participated in the Beijing and Alexandria Biennales, as well as in other group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.

Artworks by Savella Michael make part of the State Collection of Contemporary Cypriot Art, as well as of bank and private collections.

During 2015-2016 she introduced printmaking techniques to her multidimensional work, following her participation in the “Print Daily New Cy” group exhibition, held in the framework of Athens Print Fest.

She became a member of “Cypriot Printmakers” in 2016.


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Efklides Papadopoulos studied Fine and Graphic Arts in South Africa (1984-1987), majoring in Printmaking.

On his return to Cyprus in 1989 he has been involved in graphics, moving images and video production in parallel with printmaking.

He was invited to participate in several group exhibitions hosted in cultural foundations and museums in Cyprus, Greece, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

In February 2009 he presented his first solo exhibition at OPUS gallery, Nicosia.

His themes are mainly anthropocentric, prompted by considerations over contemporary Cypriot society, approached by means of abstraction and personal semiology.  

He is one of the founding members of “Cypriot Printmakers”, having played an active role in curating printmaking exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, but also in the organization of events intended to promote the Cypriot printmaking art.



Stathis Paparoditis studied Economics and Mathematics in Germany, at the Free University of Berlin, graduating with a BA and a PhD in Mathematical Statistics. He has worked as a Scientific Partner in the Mathematical Statistics Department of the Free University of Berlin and as Lecturer of Mathematical Statistics at the Technological University of Berlin. He now teaches at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Cyprus.

He attended drawing and painting classes with artist Andreas Charalambous. He participated in several printmaking workshops, mostly in Germany, delving into various techniques –relief printing, rotogravure, screen printing, planographic printing. He has taken part in several group art and printmaking exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, including the exhibition titled “The 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus: the fifty years of the Republic of Cyprus engraved by Cypriots” and the Athens Print Fest for 2014 and 2016.

He has received the second prize in the printmaking competition “A tribute to Printmaker A. Tassos” organized in 2010 by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts and the Hambis Printmaking Center.

He is a founding member of “Cypriot Printmakers”, working with them for the organization of exhibitions, events and printmaking art workshops.



Michalis Phantaros graduated from the Painting Department of Krakow’s Academy of Fine Arts (1998-2003), where he was taught art by Jacek Waltoś and printmaking by Andrzej Pietsch. In the framework of a student exchange programme, during the summer semester of 2002 he attended the Braunschweig School of Αrts (ΗΒΚ Braunschweig), Germany, in particular the workshops of professors Norbert Tadeusz (painting) and Carl-Christoph Schulz (printmaking).

He pursued further studies in the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Viadrina, Frankfurt, Germany (2003 – 2006), with a concentration in Museology.

Michalis Phantaros has participated in group exhibitions in Poland, France, Cyprus and Greece. He has held several posts in museums, and also worked as art educator. For years he taught “Aesthetic Appraisal of Artworks” for the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Training Centers in Nicosia.

In 2012 he received the first prize in the “Telemachos Kanthos” Visual Arts Competition, having in previous years garnered commendations in the same event.


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